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  “All of them display wonderful craft and care. The play of language and imagery is smooth and pleasing. …Jeffrey Goodman’s poems are well worth reading.”   ” John Sledge, “Local Poet’s Passion Shines in New Volume,” Mobile Register Sunday  Books

 “The sustained beauty of Goodman’s poetical language…. Certainly to read Goodman’s poetry is to read some of the finest crafted poetry of today that will, no doubt, endure.” Ralph Hammond, “The Poetry of Jeffrey Goodman, First Draft

Five distinguished novels

Letter From Africa

At thirty-one, an American diplomat faces a career crisis, power politics, voodoo, the jungle and questions of love.


A precocious three-and-a-half year old tries to adjust to living with his Bohemian parents and their exotic friend, while trying to figure out what life and language are about.

Maine Territory

Fifty-five, Jewish, Harry Kohen lives a mundane, unsatisfactory life in Boston, and a romantic, exhilarating, self-affirming life in Maine as a gentile.

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